Attendance Requirement and Appeals

A+ Scholarship Program

To be eligible for A+ Program financial incentives a student must have at least a 95% cumulative attendance record during their four years of high school. This allows the student approximately 5 days of absence each year. Students are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time for classes. Therefore, the student will acquire the habits of punctuality, self-discipline and responsibility. A student who does not meet the 95% attendance requirement may not be eligible for the A+ Program financial incentives, unless granted a waiver. The following attendance guidelines are required of all students participating in the A+ Program:

  • A cumulative attendance record will be kept from the beginning of the A+ student's high school career until graduation.
  • The high school office will keep the official record-of-attendance. Students attending Hillyard Technical Center will have their attendance reported daily and their records maintained in the high school office.

The A+ Program does not necessarily excuse SJSD verified absences. A+ attendance guidelines may differ from the regular school attendance rules. A doctor's note for a verified absence does NOT automatically qualify a student for an A+ attendance waiver. A+ attendance waivers are for serious, long-term absences, not the average cold or flu.

A+ participants can request their attendance percentage at the end of each semester. Students who do not meet the attendance guidelines are encouraged to file an appeal as soon as possible. Appeals for absences must be filed no later than April 1 of their senior year. Appeals filed after these dates will not be considered. Waiver forms are available on the high school website, in the high school counseling center or from the A+ Coordinator.

Absences that occur because of school-sponsored activities are not counted against attendance. Attendance waivers would most often be granted for (but not necessarily limited to) long-term illnesses, hospitalizations, granted homebound instruction, and treatment for chronic health problems. Samples of acceptable documentation are:

  • Hospitalization - Physician Letter
  • Chronic Health Problems - Physician Letter
  • Religious Holiday - Minister Letter
  • Personal/Family Calamity - Parent and school counselor letter
  • Catastrophic Illness/Injury - Physician Letter

Examples of absences that will not be waived include but are not limited to the following:

  • Truancy
  • Skipping classes
  • Personal/family vacations
  • Transportation problems (except when riding the school bus)
  • Suspension from school

It is not possible to list every situation in this handbook. If you have attendance questions, please contact the A+ Coordinator.

Attendance Appeal Process

Appeals for absences must be filed no later than April 1st of the student's Senior year. Appeals filed after this date will not be considered.

  1. The following will occur for students who lose their A+ eligibility due to the attendance clause:
    1. Parents will be notified in a mailed letter of reason for the loss of eligibility, as well as the procedure and forms needed to appeal. Both parents and students will be encouraged to contact the A+ Coordinator if they have questions or concerns.
    2. Record of the reason for loss of eligibility and letter to parent will be kept on file in the A+ Office and in PowerSchool.
  2. Students who feel they have been unfairly dismissed from the program may, within 10 school days from the date of the letter, appeal to the A+ Coordinator by submitting the completed appeal form and supporting documentation. If the appeal meets the criteria listed above the Coordinator will recommend granting the waiver to the High School Administration. Hours waived will be noted in the A+ Module of Power School.
  3. In the event of a denial by the Coordinator, the student may request that the Appeals Committee be convened. The Appeals Committee will be comprised of at least one school Administrator, the student's Guidance Counselor, one teacher, and the A+ Coordinator. The A+ Coordinator shall then convene the Appeals Committee within 10 school days for consideration of the appeal. The committee shall hear the appeal and return its decision to the student within 5 school days.

Note: If the student/parents/guardians choose not to accept the decision of the Appeals Committee, they may appeal to the Coordinator of Guidance. Further appeals could go to the Associate Superintendent of Schools followed by the Superintendent of Schools. If the student /parents/ guardians choose not to accept the decision of the Superintendent, they may appeal to the St. Joseph School Board. They must notify the School Board Secretary. The decision of the St. Joseph School Board is final. All appeals must be completed within 5 school days of the date of the student's high school graduation.

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