Registration Process

The registration process takes us normally a month and a half to complete. It starts in February and ends in March. We use a combination of large group and individual meetings with students during this process. Students will meet in large groups to enter their class selections on PowerSchool. Finally students will meet individually with their school counselor to go over their course selections and review graduation requirements.


We are beginning the registration process for the 2021-2022 school year. It is going to look different than in years past. We want to let you know how the process will work and make sure you understand how important it is for you.

Registration Timeline:

  • Thursday, February 11th CHS Registration during 4th hour
    • You need to bring your completed registration form to school
    • You will select your course requests in PowerSchool
    • Make sure that your computer is charged and/or bring charger


  • Tuesday, February 16th Bode/ Truman Registration Presentation
    • CHS counselors will virtually present to our two feeder middle
    • Students will receive registration form


  • Thursday, February 18th Bode/Truman Registration
    • Students will use their completed registration form to complete course requests in PowerSchool


  • February 22nd through March 12th Individual Meetings with Counselor
    •  You will meet with your school counselor to double-check the courses your requested in PowerSchool


  • August 2021
    • You will receive your schedule for the 2021-2022 school year

Course Catalog

2021 Registration Info 

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Do I need to select health (for 10th grade) or personal finance (for 11th grade)?

A: Yes. Even if you plan to take these courses during summer school. Many students' plans change between now and May, and we want to make sure you have this because it is a graduation requirement.

 Q: What if I failed a class and I’m not sure if I need to retake it?

 A: When you meet with your counselor individually in February or March, your counselor will review your transcript with you to make sure you are on track to graduate. If you need to retake any courses, your counselor will let you know and will adjust your course requests in PowerSchool.

 Q: How do I know what math class to take next year?

 A: Math teachers to the rescue! Every student currently taking a math class will be recommended to a specific math class for the upcoming year. Your math teacher will take the time to enter his/her recommendation into PowerSchool so that when you log in to enter your course requests, you will be able to see what class they have recommended you take.

 Q: Where do I find course descriptions?

 A: While your school counselors often sound like walking/talking course catalogs, we think your best bet is to check out the actual district course catalog located online. The course catalog is located on the CHS Counseling website. The catalog has a course description for each class offered at Central.

 Q: When can I register for summer school?

 A: Summer school registration is a separate process from enrolling in 2021-2022 classes. Summer school information is typically sent to us mid-to-late March. Please listen and watch for announcements regarding summer school at that time.


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